Signalanlagen / Signaling systems

Housing without electronics: (without LED modules, power supply, WLAN technology)


- Very sturdy housing with black scratch-resistant structured plastic surface glued and pressed on water-proof birch plywood (multiplex)
- Sika-Butyl-sealed and riveted aluminum edges and large ball corners, protective covers, folding handles and closures
- Mounting sleeve for Aluminium Speaker stand (internal diameter 35mm)
- Installation for connection current (cold plug with fuse and switch, external network socket, external antenna connection)
- satin opal acrylic glass with moss rubber sealed aluminum frame (89% transparency)
- 1 x 230 Volt fan and temperature controller
- 1 x 120 mm fan cutout with cover grille
- 4 x aluminum metal brackets, 30 x 20 mm, 320mm high, built-in for the LED modules
- internal cabling for 230 volt, LED modules, network client module, fan

Dimensions (W x D x H): approx. W: 100 cm D: 30 cm H: 35 cm
Weight approx. 19 Kg

The housing is then completely prepared for the Installation of the electronics. You only Need the electronic components and a loudspeaker stand. Tripod costs in the retail trade thus about 30-40 euros.

On request (urgent recommendation, if the traffic light housings are used outside), a protection is placed in front of the LED modules. An opal acrylic glass (89% transparency). It also protects the LED modules from external influences (rain, dust, impacts, curious fingers ;-)) Incl. Aluminum frame with sealing rubber and assembly